Support our project

The Neighbor Project is run entirely by volunteer neighbors. Will you help us?

Be present. Listen. Share. The best way you can help this project succeed is by being present to connect with our neighbors. Don't be a stranger--be a neighbor!

Spread the word. Like and share our Facebook page.

Volunteer. We need hosts to welcome neighbors to our space as well as fill and clean our equipment. Our fully-automatic espresso machine does all the hard work so that you can focus on engaging with our neighbors.

Donate. We ask guests to donate as they are able. We suggest donating the amount you might pay elsewhere for a similar drink elsewhere, but we also understand that many neighbors may not be able to pay anything. Everyone's presence is more valued than anyone's donation. We don't make change, so just drop your donation in the box and to return later to enjoy as many drinks as feels right for your donation. (Checks should be written to "LWUMC", with "#2276/Neighbor Project" on the memo line, and may be dropped in the donation box. Soon we hope to accept donations online or by credit card.)

In addition to donating cash, we welcome donations of:

  • mugs
  • coffee (whole beans; avoid oily beans; prefer fair trade; must not be treated with additive flavors or caramelized)
  • milk
  • tea
  • flavor syrups & sauces
  • drink mixes (hot chocolate, cider, chai)

To learn more about how you can help, contact us at

Thanks to our founding sponsor and host site, Lake Washington United Methodist Church, which was inspired to support our project as part of practicing love for our neighbors. We want to ensure that people from all backgrounds and beliefs feel comfortable in this space, regardless of religious beliefs. We encourage all participants to be open to listening to the journeys of those who fellowship with you, as well as to share your journey with others in this space.