Our inspiration

tl;dr: We connect neighbors.

We envision The Neighbor Project as being a "third place" [wikipedia]--that is, a place that builds "social capital" in our community, where people from different backgrounds can connect with each other and exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge, skills, resources, and perspectives.

Here are some of our other sources of inspiration...


Ever since the Tully’s at Bridle Trails closed in early October 2012, many neighbors expressed frustration in a lack of comfortable meeting place to hang out with their each other. Furthermore, it’s quite likely that many neighbors never felt comfortable in Tully’s. We aim to create opportunities for all neighbors to feel comfortable engaging in conversation together.





Our founder

Rodney Rutherford created The Neighbor Project in December 2012, sensing a need to create a space for our neighbors to connect. There is a certain irony in this endeavor in that Rodney is (a) an introvert and (b) doesn't drink (much) coffee. He regularly hosts on Friday mornings, 7-9am.